Charity Teas

Thanks to all those groups who participated in our annual Charity Teas project. Over £2000 was raised for local projects and organisations.  

Visiting Scorton

During the pandemic Scorton is open for visitors and functioning normally.

Our hospitality businesses are offering sit in meals and take away services -

please take your rubbish home.

If you plan to visit and walk in the area please remember to:

#Hands – sanitise regularly

#Face – wear a face covering where necessary

#Space – stick with your own group and keep a small distance from others.

Village Hall 
The Village Hall has been refurbished and is available for hire!!

Please use our new online booking system - visit the Hall page for info.

Any other news?
If you would like any photos, news or events to be featured on this website contact scortonvillage@outlook.com or via facebook.